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  • Dornan's Water Walker
    Dornan's Water Walker
    The Lakemaster has three packs of our great UV2 material, and one 4x4 stick on UV2 decal. One dubbing, one marabou and one of our grizzly soft hackle. The one pictured has , KING FISHER B;UE, MARABOU, RED SOFT GRIZZLY HACKLE, NIGHTMARE RED DUBBING. We reserve the right to change colors and products depending on availability. These make a wonderful gift for the tier that has it all, or one that is not familiar with UV2 products.
  • UV2 Pine Ant
    UV2 Pine Ant is a great pattern in the summer and fall. It has all the right ingredients from a killer silhouette for fish to a easy to see wing for anglers. Folks swears by this fly and so do lots of really good fishermen. It is a wonderful design, floats well and fools trout ion anywhere in the world. The original design was our old friend Ray Schmidt. We have now improved on the pattern and will be coming up with a whole new line up soon.
  • Adams
    A classic dry that has probably caught more fish then all the guides in Texas. Use this when you need a callibaetis. Tying kits for this pattern are available and are good for classes. Heck you have me to tie the fly. Watch our video on this and comment. Just don't comment on the Texas guides thing.
  • Adams Irresistible
    A staple over the years...these float well because of the spun deer hair bodies an d heavy hackle. A killer searching pattern.
  • Adams Parachute
    A clean little pattern that imitates a number of mayflies as well as the prominent Callibaetis mayfly that is so common. Its easy to see and both fish and fisherman love it. Made with Spirits unique Fine and Dry dubbed body. Watch my video on tying this fly. Makes classes easy and I am always there for your students. Kits are available as well.
  • Adult Damsel
    A great pattern particularly for lakes when you see lots of adult damsels.
  • Alevin
    Size 8
  • All-Purpose POP Emerger
    This is another amazing SRI exclusive pattern that works well as a Match the Hatch pattern or even a searching one. It has the ability to float, has movement and is easy to see while giving the fish a interesting silhouette. If you want to also tie this use our Bleached premium elk, partridge, Midge V-Rib, Tarantula Legs , all monted on a CS057.
  • Arnold's Flats Fly
    John Arnold has guided and tied commercially for 20+ years. He is a expert. He also owns and operated his own fly shop Head Hunters on the Missouri River in Craig Montana. His experiences on the flats in the winters have allowed him to hone in some of his patterns and this is a very good one. We have heard from other travel folks that say this fly is kept a secret by guides in the Bahamas and Xmas Island. You might try a few. Good for Bonefish, Permit, and anything that eats shrimp like looking things off the bottom.
  • Arnold's Improved Unabomber
    Montana Guide and accomplished fishermen John Arnold created this pattern and says if works when nothing else does. It wiggles and moves in the surface film, and is easy to see when trout smash it.
  • Art Flick March Brown
    A standard but highly effective March Brown imitation. Fish it with confidence. It worked for Art...it will work for you!
  • Articulated Ultra Wog
    Pretty nice pattern to chuck at silvers up in Alaska. But also can be used for Bass. Now i see some steelhead anglers here in the US are using them as walker flies for Steelhead. Go figure. These are bullet proof and perform well. You can try to make them but I suggest you do not waste your time. They are a bitch to tie. They come in all the essential colors and we recommend you get each and every one. Because... if your in the Alaska bush and you have bumbling buddies like I do, you will be the kingpin by handing these out to them and your guide. Heck...maybe the guide wont even charge you.
  • B.H. Flash-Bak P.T.
    The basic Pheasant tail is a all around may fly nymph imitation. The flash back better adds the gas bubble the emerger needs to rise to the surface and makes it more visible and susceptible to fish. See me (Bill) tie this pattern in our videos Mastering Materials. Spirit will soon have a whole series of bleached and dyed pheasant tails too. A perfect series of colors to enrage feeding trout. Tie these in a bunch of colors and you wont be disappointed. Tied on Spear-it N062 2x long nymph hook, brite bead, and holographic fly flash.
  • B.H. Hares Ear
    Anyone who fly fishes has used or will use a Hares Ear. First...the multi-colored Hare emits a spectrum of colors and the guard hairs act like legs of a nymph. This fly basically imitates all sorts of subsurface aquatic insects from mayflies to caddis flies. If you like this be sure to look at our exclusive Ultra Hares Ear.
  • B.H. Montana Prince
    These are a simple fly but have proved their worth in many a river. The design originally came from Montana, hence the name. Since then they have been widely used on Great Lakes Steelhead and now we see them used on the Rogue River for regular Steelhead and half pounders. I suspect we will be offering up a few more using the our new iridescent colored Peacock.
  • B.H. Pheasant Tail
    need descript
  • B.H. Prince Nymph
    need descript
  • B.H. Red Squirrel
    need descript
  • B.H. Soft Hackle P.T.
    need descript
  • B.H. Zug Bug
    need descript
  • B.W. Steelie Bug (Trout and Steelies)
    Size 6 only; This is a long time SR exclusive. Made with our Braided Hot wire (braided wire=BW ) this sinks like a rock. We add extra spiky dubbing for the thorax and high movement tarantula legs. Its the perfect big for bug for finicky Steelhead. Recently we have noticed sales in Montana and find them being a secret weapon guides use on the larger rivers. Larger aggressive trout see this as the perfect meal.
  • B.W. Trout Bug
    need descript
  • Baetis Parachute
    This copies a very popular mayfly that hatches through out the country for many months. Absolutely a must have fly on your box.
  • Baitfish Minnows
    need descript
  • Bank Wrangler
    When Dorian fist showed me this monstrosity I wondered about him. Then he showed me grip n grin photos of what this pattern can do. It works and works well. To me this is highly suggestive of a sculpin tho I have yet to ask him about it. Guess I need to report more later. But I was happy to hear it not only caught fish, it used our materials. Our new dyed Swamp Rat has the mottling and natural look as it moves and swims through the water. Dorian has always made some life like streamers and this is the evidence. It is also a articulated pattern so it hooks and holds. *** I suggest you swing this into the depths of a dark and deep pool, or under a cut bank. Then hold on ! Please ask your dealers for this pattern and you can buy them individually. Thanks for your support of us and your local fly shop.
  • Barber Pole MOAL Leech
    Size 4 - 3 1/4". The classic Strung Out MOAL (Mother of all Leeches) is even sexier with two Bunny strips. These really are a pattern you need if you hunt Steelhead. Because we use a Octopus hook the short shank holds fish far better allowing more fish to hand. Because it is tied on a string (gel spun) the fly tends to wiggle and swim in the current. Specially swinging them. Note; As of Feb 2012 we now have a very good new stainless shank option for many extended Strung Out Patterns.
  • Barred Flats Critter
    This is a excellent pattern that has many of the flats or ambush qualities you want if your knee deep on a flat and hunting Bones or Permit. These use our Barred Zonker Rabbit strips over a pearl body along with swimming silicone legs. Dazl-Eyes add just a touch of weight. Give them a cast.
  • BC Deep Minnow
    Watch me show you how to tie this fly on You Tube.. A Bob Clouser design that has stood the test of time. Bob is a master tier and angler and has many books and articles out. Check out his fly shop if you ever get the chance. This is our version which uses our Real eyes with prismatic pupil inserts and our bucktail. All done on our SW07 Spear-it hook. See my video on our site or on You Tube.
  • Bead Head Amos Bug
    Size 6 only; This is the next generation of the infamous bug Amos came up with on the Rogue River and was a variation of the infamous Otis Bug. . It's renown for half pounders (small Steelhead) and even catches trout. We use our Tarantula legs, on our Spear-it 3x long hook and the Speckled Chenille. SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE. The original Otis Bug was overdevelop many years ago on the famous Rogue River here in Oregon and was widely used for normal Steelhead as well and the Half Pounders. We have tied a ton of these for shops in the Medford and Gold Beach areas. Eventually this pattern moved up to the Umpqua, and has now spread to many West Coast Steelhead Streams. That is not to say it will not work else where. I just have not heard any reports of this fly being used anywhere across the country. It would certainly work though. I know it works on the Umpqua smallmouth Bass because I have used it a few times. The simplicity of this pattern is a nice feature. Nothing fancy, just a hard working fishing fly. The hot head can add another element and most folks like this option. We use our Tinsel Chenille, regular round rubber legs and either a 3 or 4X length shank hook like Spear-it N063 3XL hook. Don't forget the many colors or our Hot Beads. Its is easy to make your own designs....with a selection or our tinsel chenille (UV2), Dancing Leggs, and Brite or Hot Beads.
  • Bead Head WD-40
    need descript
  • Bead Thorax Swimming Damsel
    Size 12 only...this pattern imitates a prolific insect we all have seen on rivers-lakes or ponds. This particular pattern is specially designed to move and swim in the water. It also has gills, an epoxy wingcase and one of our popular multi-color dubbing for the thorax.
  • Beadhead Baby Buggers
    Our Baby Buggers have become a staple for lake and pond fishermen. People always have under estimated the power of these. We have also heard reports that the do well in river pools. Try one and we promise you will not be disappointed.
  • Beadhead Flashbugger
    Our Flash Buggers feature our acid etched Gold Bead with a little lead wire under it. These are your basic bread and butter buggers that catch all kinds of species. See me tie this on video on you tube. Also the 24 fly tying lit is available. Sold per dozen only.
  • Beadhead Lite Brite Wooly Bugger
    These innovative bigger/leech series have caught most all species of fish. I have found these very effective for Small Mouth Bass and any type of still water fishing. The white or the Silver-White imitate a fry or baby minnow and Large Mouth Bass love them in the spring. My favorite of the Black-Purple. The Copper-Pearl is very heavily used in Idaho lakes. The Black-Cerise and the Black-Red are awesome in the Cascade high lakes.
  • Beadhead Mini Leech
    need descript
  • Beadhead Rubber Leg Nymphs
    Beadhead Rubber Leg Nymphs are becoming a much more accepted series of patterns and that is because the rubber legs move about like they are real. This tends to drive fish crazy. It's kinda like shaking a rattle in front of a baby. They want it. You can find them at other web sites like Umpqua or Orvis...but many of ours have the huge advantage of our UV2 materials. Do not be shy...look at our Brite Beads if your tying your own. We did get the patent and Best of Show along with the highest industry award for our counter drilled beads. All gold beads are acid etched...and will not tarnish. check out others. just rub them on your sleeve for a while and the finish comes rt off.
  • Beldar's Double Bead Stone
    Direct from Saturday Nite Live's family .....these multi cone-bead flies have to be one of the heaviest commercially produced. They have a strong following on Oregon's Deschutes river and you can ask Scott Cook from Fly and Field just how well his customers do with these. If you want to tie some let us know and we will get you the recipe. They kick butt!!!!!
  • BH Black Beauty
    need descript
  • BH EPOXY BACK BWO SZ 16 - 3 Pack
    BH EPOXY BACK BWO SZ 16 - 3 Pack
  • BH L/B W BUGGER BRN/BRN SZ 10 - 3 Pack
    BH L/B W BUGGER BRN/BRN SZ 10 - 3 Pack
  • BH Micro Caddis
    need descript
  • BH RUBBER LEG H.E. NAT SZ 12 - 3 Pack
    BH RUBBER LEG H.E. NAT SZ 12 - 3 Pack
  • Bi-Color Prince
    need descript
  • Black Beetle
    need descript
  • Black Cicada
    need descript
  • Black Foam Ant
    need descript
  • Black Fur Ant
    The ant is a staple in any shop or any fly box. Trout love them as do any self respecting panfish.
  • Black Gordon
    These are considered our Classic Series of Steelhead flies and some are equally effective for Salmon. Developed on Oregon's Deschutes River, this fly was so named because of the railroad tracks that run the length of the lower river. All our Steelhead flies are effective and tied to exacting standards, with either calf tail wings, supple Marabou or Saddle Hackle. Many have dubbed bodies that are properly tapered and they also have schlappen Saddle which is soft enough to swim in the currents. All are done on our own chemically sharpened needle point SS-99 steel/salmon hook. All eyes are epoxy coated so they are small and smooth. On this topic of 'Fly Effectiveness', consider the words of the great Steelhead flyfishing pioneer, Roderick Haig-Brown. He said " It is good to remember there will be a lot more steelhead caught on a piece of yarn, than all the fanciest flies ever fished". This is sage advice when your looking to catch a steelhead, which means he is looking for a fly that will be successful, and assumes that some flies, like lures, are more effective than others. He may even be hopefully assuming that the reason for his lack success to this point was, he is simply fishing with the wrong fly. Let me explain something. Flies don’t catch fish...people do. ( But Spirit River flies help) You see, steelhead have a disposition just like a bass. If a lure or fly is presented well, and the steelhead is in the mood, he will hit just about anything! Here on the Umpqua one of the oldest spinners was a copper penny with a hole drilled in it and a hook hung off the back. All of Spirit River Steelhead flies, wether they are classics or the new 'MOALS' or Brass Monkeys work and work well. The fish just need to be in the striking mood. Our MOALS or 'Mother of all Leeches' are all done on a string and hence have the shorter shank hook. The advantage here is that the fish does not have the leverage like it would on a longer shank hook as you fight the fish. I say a friend hook 10 fish in one day and he brought to hand 8 and I hook a hand full and never touched one. So do not over look this type of steelhead pattern.
  • Black Nose Dace
    need descript
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